It has been a good year since I shifted my job right in the middle of a pandemic and started working remotely.

At any given point in my life, I’d always prefer to work from a physical place that I call the office, hang out with work buddies, and learn more organically by just being present in the same space as my peers.

Thanks to the pandemic, While there is no adrenaline rush for many things like navigating through a new route, receiving the new badge, and sitting through the grueling new onboarding process, it is still somewhat fun receiving…

Two years back when I was actively updating my profile in LinkedIn I stumbled on a post that read-“Think design” by Women in Product. This topic instantaneously captured my attention and I registered to go.

The idea of building a professional community — a space for all like-minded people to share their ideas in a platform and a silent support group which uplifts each others dream and aspirations, really fascinated me.

So I went to attend my first event as a participant and there was no looking back ever since. …

How often when you talk to your peers(especially those who are newly joined ), customers, you catch yourself apologizing just to rephrase a sentence better? This might be because the other party found it difficult to follow what you were saying and you were found guilty for using jargon that is not part of their everyday lives.

If the above sentence strikes a chord with you then you are suffering from the “curse of knowledge” or knowledge curse. …

Even before I jump in, do you believe in the concept of mentoring?

You are either someone who already has a mentor and in that case, if that mentor(s) is the right one, you must be thriving already, if not you are in the right direction and you will soon reach what you consider an end goal.

If you are someone who does not have a mentor, because you feel you do not need one, please do not proceed reading! …

It has almost been two weeks since I am working from home. For the first time in three years, I wake up and work in the same room and my feelings have been all over the place.

I love my workplace for the energetic crowd and the vibe I get at work. I have been missing it and it did affect me mentally initially.

Here are a few things I did to keep my sanity while working from home and a few things to make the most out of the quarantine period. I highly recommend this to you all!


Its been more than two years since I started working as a Product Consultant for an incredible-growth-focused- cool company.

But I have always faced major turn off questions about my role. Something like — presales? Is it like working with the sales and marketing teams? Is it even a job function? What do you guys do on a day to day basis? — Aren’t you just an extension to the sales team? and what not!

So, this article is mainly focused to debunk certain myths around this lesser-known job title and also some great work that we do under the…

I have been thinking about this for a very long time and have been reading a lot about it of-late. As I grow old, the more I realize and see how emotionally void many women around me are.

I see women beating themselves up to rise to the occasion and learn the art of perfection in every small thing they do. For a very long time, our society has equated the idea of women to sacrifice and has made many women guilty for truly trying to be themselves. …

When I reflect back on 2019, a major part of the year was filled with great associations and a bunch of book recommendations that came my way which largely influenced me to become a better person in both personal and professional front.

How grateful are you today?

I have been very fortunate to have stumbled on this mobile app called “Presently”. It is a free forever gratitude journal entry app. It has a very simple and sleek UI. …

WhatsApp recently launched a bunch of cool roll-outs and one of the major one was WhatsApp Pay.

According to the sources, WhatsApp rolled out WhatsApp Payments to a select user base of one million users in India last February.

They got a nod from India govt after WhatsApp satisfied their data compliance policies which included (information storage within India data centres and other audit-related verifications)a couple of days back. WhatsApp has rolled out WhatsApp Payments in India in partnership with the ICICI bank. …

Just turning 21 and this so-called adult life is already exhausting. To be more specific, it is mundane, waking up every day not knowing what life is going to throw at you! Attending classes just to not fall short for attendance criteria and what not!
Juggling between almost finished under graduation and looking out “aimlessly” into future prospectives. This is very tiringly, sick and I feel every minute of the day is running as slow as possible.

To vent my anger I found a soul who always believes in doing what she loves. Ever since middle school she silently watches…

Srinidy Ravi

Product Manager @Microsoft Teams. I like to write about everything in between technologies to human behavior to personal anecdotes. Co-founder @theprodcastt.

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