Chai is an emotion

Srinidy Ravi
3 min readMar 31, 2016

I was rushing to my room at 5.45 pm wanting something hot and soul kissing and I took a steaming mug of *wait for it* TEA. That pleasant fragrance filling the atmosphere with the right music in the jukebox. The way how each drop entangles with the soul. I am at a loss of words to explain that beautiful phenomenon.

I have come across many posts, many blogs on how “COFFEE” could be the only soul kissing beverage. They say “coffee” date. International “coffee” day. Coffee helps me with everything in life. Those who tag themselves as Coffeedicts! Why not the same with tea. But hey, if you are one such person who talks about Equality, THIS SHOULD REALLY HIT YOU.

They have Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Costa Coffee which only aims at promoting coffee. From Mocha to Cappuccino to Latte and absolutely nothing for tea?? ( NO! GREEN TEA DOESN’T COUNT) . Coffee essentially contains drugs which when sold in large quantity is such a criminal offense. I don’t intend to hurt any coffee lovers. Do not jump on to me already. I am just showing you the other side. The side which feels inferior when coffee gets glorified. Yes! we do exist.

Until 8th grade, my mom would never give me coffee thinking that I would get addicted to it. All through that time, my only aim was to taste that awesomeness at least once! Sooner I regretted being so ambitious.

My first experience with coffee.

Smell: A very strong odor piercing the inner walls on my nose!

Taste: UTTERLY bitter! don’t claim the decoction and milk balance! It's bitter! End of discussion!

and my brain felt “ Dude how do people glorify this?”

Till today, I too faced several exams, found it hard to stay awake at 8.40 am lectures. But taking coffee was never my way out. It is still that bitter-sending-chills-to-brain-beverage.

“Those-terrifying-why-and-how- do-you-even-live” look I will get every time I say I don’t drink coffee. Its worst than the death stare. the follow-ups will be like — are you a human? Do you have any disease? are you allergic to coffee? I have lost count, tape-recorded my response and determined to throw it on anyone who dares to ask me any such follow-up questions.

I am not here to argue which is better! I am just trying to say “Chai doesn’t ask questions, chai understands.”

Chai for life!

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